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The concept for the International Festival for Unique Handbuilt Sportscars

uhs2021 refugietUHS2021: Evening talks after the show. Sharing experiences.The concept for The International Festival for Unique Handbuilt Sportscars is to create on-site events for people with the passion to built their own sportscars. The aim is to connect people and build new networks, but also to show  the skills, enthusiasm and igenuity in this mixed environment of car building enthusiasts to the public.
The festival is organized in two main activities. The one is to share and gain more knowledge about technology and design. The other is to create an exhibition of finished cars or ongoing projects by the attendees of the festival. This exhibition will be open to the public.
If your project is within the boundaries of the festival, you should consider signing up for the next UHS event. The boundaries are defined through the terms: "Handbuilt. Sports Car." - Own design or a recreation of a classic sports- or race car.