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Welcome to UHS

AS S3 portrait u logo kopiAnton Schulz, Event Manager UHS


It all started with UHS2021 - a 3 days on-site event for unique handbuilt sports- & race cars held in L√łgumkloster, Denmark. The event was a success, and UHS is now evolving into more activities. This new Web-portal will host UHS - The Club, UHS - The Magazine (member area), UHS - The Festival and UHS - The Shop (Release in 2024).

Our site is structured with three access levels:

logo final text 600pxPublic Access:

Pages with public access contains general information about UHS, press releases and public news articles about UHS. Pages with publlic access is identified by our petrol coloured official logo in the upper left corner of the page.

logo final int club UHS Orange 600pxClub-UHS member access

Club-UHS pages are identified with a golden coloured UHS-logo in the upper left corner. Club-UHS front page has public acces, while the member area is accessible with one of our three membership plans (Personal-, Business- or Business Vendor membership).

logo final redClub-UHS Business Vendor Access

UHS - The Shop pages are identified with a bordeaux coloured UHS-logo in the upper left corner. UHS - The Shop is a shop-in-shop concept. A Business membership of UHS grants the right to establish your own web-shop in the UHS shop-in-shop platform.

The 1st. of January 2023 it will possible to sign up for membership of the UHS - The Club. The club will provide value for the members by issuing newsletters, theme articles, useful links to specialists as well as an entire social network away from all the usual social media suspects.

UHS will ensure focus on the essentials through exclusion of frivolious behaviour.

UHS will not pass on information to any third party which is common behaviour for many of the so called social medias.

Already now you can subscribe for our newsletter to the right in our footer here below. 

Once again, welcome to UHS.

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