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UHS2021 - became a real international event

By: Anton Schulz
Photo: Thomas Aakjær Pedersen

Keith Helfet stage interviewKeith Helfet stage interview during UHS2021When I drove Keith and his wife Gail Helfet to the airport in Billund on October 11, Keith Helfet once again, as he had previously done during the event expressed his enthusiasm for UHS2021. He described the event as unique in its character, as the first of its kind - perhaps in the world, and I actually think he was genuinely fascinated by the content and expression that UHS2021 ended up getting.

He himself contributed a great deal to making UHS2021 something very special. Allow me here to send a big thank you to Keith and Gail for their thoroughly positive participation in UHS2021.

In the same way, Ton Serné thought that it was a unique event, which he very much would like to lecture at again, if we repeat it and honestly I think that could be really interesting. Thanks also to Ton Serné for his contribution.

Dario Pasqualini from Torino in Italien, Robert Gregson from Poland, Lionel Koyamba, Francois Sgarbi fom France and Tom Vidar Røed from Norway. All of them had traveled great distances to participate, and all expressed their enthusiasm for participating. Despite even great challenges, Dario did it to reach Denmark at all. Thanks for that

Of course, a great deal of recognition must also be sent to the Danish participants, who chose to spend an entire weekend at an event that they basically did not know whether it would be worth spending both time and money to participate in.

A very big thank you must also be sent to the energetic team of volunteers, who were an absolutely necessary support for UHS2021 to be realized.

You all made it an exciting and not least international event, which has always been my ambition.

All in all, UHS2021 was the event I had hoped to establish.

Unfortunately, the audience interest was not as great as I had expected, but I choose to interpret this as the marketing has not been optimal, and it is entirely my own responsibility.

It is a difficult task to market such an event, as the number of communication channels is now almost infinite, and you almost have to be present on all of them, in order to reach people in terms of marketing.

However, that does not change the fact that UHS2021 in general became the event I had hoped for.

Thank you for being together and enjoyable hours.