UHS 2024 meeting in Turin

With great pleasure we now can announce the UHS 2024 meeting to take place (18)-19-20 October 2024 in Turin, Italy.

By Anton Schulz

Torino Heritage Motor Hub 2024 2Torino Heritage Motor HubDario Pasqualini and I have decided to organise a UHS meeting in Turin this year. To be more specific, it will take place in the days 18-19-20 of October 2024 (the main activities concentrated on the 19-20th).

The planning of the specific programme has been initiated, and already now we can announce that some of the activities will take place in the club facilities at the Torino Heritage Motor Hub, where Dario as a member has his Testadoro space.

Have a look at this link: http://www.torinoheritage.com/services/club/ to see their website. It’s going to be a really interesting week-end with lots of opportunities to socialise with likeminded car building enthusiasts.

UHS 2024 Torino Heritage Hub 2Testadoro space in Torino Heritage Motor HubWe aim to make this yet another international event, where we will meet to share the great value of different cultural backgrounds coming together in the admiration of the beauty of great sports car design.

We have already set up an event in our facebook group, where you can state you interest in this event. The option to make a binding registration for participation will be available as soon as we have the full programme in place.

In the next issue of our newsletter we will reveal more details about the programme for this meeting in Turin, Italy.

Thank you to Dario for making this possible.