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On this page you can register for your participation in UHS2023. This page is for business participants.

Please fill in the information required below. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory to fill in.


Initial we will need some contact information from you. If you hover the curser over the field label, an explanation about the information needed in the field will be shown:

In the following section we would like to have som information about your business.

Your project

Please provide us with som information about your contribution to the exhibition. What would you like to put on display?

Prices and Registration

In this section you can choose between a number of price packages. You can check multiple alternatives.

If you want one stand at UHS2023, and you are alone, and want a full board accomodation at "Løgumkloster Refugium" you should check the box B1

If want one stand at UHS2023, and a full board accomodation for you and your partner in a double room at "Løgumkloster Refugium" you should check B2

You can read details about the package elements in the packet description to the right.

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